UR Red One

Underground Revolution was founded by Mad Mike aka UR038 (World Power Alliance), Scan 7 (Underground Resistance) & DJ Dan Cortez (Confidential Records) as a proper radical Detroit musicproject and included as the publishing company for Confidential Records Berlin in the year 2003, were they stormed & continued the sonic assault of the Fury by the Revolution for Change holding the techno alliance Berlin : Detroit on a highest level with the Designs for the Sonic Revolution worldwide in the next years strongly till now, internationally Unexploitable and really only

For Those Who Know:

Long Live the Underground.


DC Beatclub face


Mmur masked

DC UR Face

Proovement of Truth. You can trust us:


official global weblinks & international promotion:

German UR 101 Division Corps Force:

confidence direct contact worldwide:

DC UR Force

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